Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ufone Free Islamic U-tunes Codes

Here are few islamic U-tunes codes for Ufone U-tunes subscribers in Pakistan.. These codes can be used to set U-Tunes on their connection.. Whenever someone call's you, the caller will listten to the U-tunes song etc instead of default "Beep"

- Ae Khuda Ae Khuda by Adnan Sami - 00716
- Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hai - 00766
- Isma-e-Husna - 00767
- Mohammad Ka Roza - 00743
- Ya Nabi Salaam O Alaika - 255153

If you are not using U-tunes, please activate it by following steps mentioned below
- send "sub" to 666

Now write a message and download the utunes by following below step
write message "GetUtunes Code" (U-tune code written above)

Now that you have downloaded the U-tune, its time to set it as default for every caller, follow this
write message "defaultUtune Code" that you ave downloaded.

You need further help, than ask here or email me.. I will be there to help you!


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